What we do

At Benton Rise Farm we are proud custodians of a locally sourced fresh produce market. 


Come & visit us in the 1910 ‘Red Rattler’ Train carriage, and take away locally sourced produce that is sure to be fresh.


Benton Rise Farm Train

Why Buy Locally?


We understand that sometimes the convenience of farm fresh goods sourced directly from the farmer is hard to find. The day to day routine of heading 'down the street' to one of the 'big boys' to buy your fresh produce is easy, though after the 2nd day when the leafy greens are droopy, the apples no longer have the 'crunch' you expect - you have to ask yourself - how long have these goods been in a cool room and out of their natural environment? Exactly, a long time!!


That's why quality produce is paramount for us at Benton Rise Farm, we aim to provide you the most cost effective produce on the Mornington Peninsula. Sure, we can't always be the cheapest (though often we are!) this is purely a situation of 'scale of economy', but what we do promise to provide is fresh, high quality goods from our farm.