A Word of Thanks

This new adventure for our family cannot begin without firstly thanking the guys who have created this step for us - Mark & Chris.


Many of the people who are reading this now have come through from Facebook - you have seen the journey begin and reasons behind why the Sharpley Family is moving to Tuerong, so I won't go into too much more detail here on this page (though will cover elsewhere later).


Benton Rise Farm is a result of the tireless hard work that Mark & Chris have put in over many years. Many of you have shopped with them for some time (pre-train days!) and you are familar (& love) the banter (& occassional heckle!) they give you as your pick up your weekly fruit & veg. What we promise to do is continue all of this - we think what they have created is unreal! 


​I'm putting up this page for a while so that you can leave a comment or two for Mark & Chris, as they move onto their next adventure on a whole new scale (100+ acres is BIG!).  We will collate any messages you leave and send them onto the guys. You might want to write a note about one of your times at the farm, thoughts on the early days, what your kids have done there, or even what memories you have made by creating a family meal from the fresh food you bought there?  Just a few ideas, as I am sure they would appreciate any thoughts you have.


Thank you for taking the few minutes to post a comment,

Ryan & Deb