Summer Vegetables - Tomatoes - continued

General Information


Some general information for you:There have been plenty of comments made on a number of aspects of tomato growing on topics such as feeding nitrogen, staking, cutting off lateral shoots (side) or not, growing grafted or not, growing from seed or not, hybrids v.s heirloom. So far, just about every opinion I've read has been either commercially or politically motivated. What's my advice? Try which ever interests you and make up your own mind. It's your garden, don't worry about what the "experts" think. What you do need to do, is provide for the basic needs of the plants. 


What is blossom end rot? 


Blossom end rot shows up as a black spot from 5 to 15mm in diameter of the very bottom of the fruit where the remains of the flower were/are attached, then extends as the rot advances. If it develops late and the fruit is pretty much ripe, you can simply slice it off the fruit and enjoy, but if advanced, the fruit will rot before it can ripen. Which one's should I grow?There are literally DOZENS of varieties to choose from. They are loosely grouped into "Cherry" tomatoes, "Egg shaped or Roma -Italian style" and the widely grown round varieties, be they smooth or ribbed. The Cherry types are from vigorous vine like plants that spread quite some distance and can be successfully grown in pots and hanging baskets. These are great to throw in a salad or pasta dish whole.The "egg shaped" tomatoes are usually best suited to making sauces as they often have less seeds and pulp, but are equally tasty sliced length ways with a sprinkling of salt and a basil leaf on crackers.The balance can be used for everything! 


Some of the first of our ripe Cuor di Bue tomatoes, heart shaped and growing up to around 75mm (3 inches) in length. 

"Tumbling Varieties" 


For those who don't have a lot of room or are looking to grow potted vegetable gardens the following two varieties are terrific alternatives.

They have the same growing needs as all the other warm season tomato plants, but are dwarf and or have a "tumbling" habit so they are ideal to grow in either pots or hanging baskets. 

Tomato "Tumbling Tom" 


Tumbling Tom Red is a trailing variety producing an abundance of sweet juicy fruits over a long period of time. Suitable for growing in pots or hanging baskets. 


Tomato "Tumbler" Tumbler is an exceptional variety that has been bred for container growing. It produces an abundance of sweet tasty fruit over a long period of time. Plant is bushy and vigorous. A highly recommended variety for the home gardeners.

Both of these varieties are under 40cm tall!