Our Story

It all began with a small vegie patch


In 1988 when I was 12 years old I will never forget watching a potato grow from the compost pile at my family home in a Melbourne suburban backyard. I was fascinated with the thought of being able to grow your own produce and since then have began on a path of self producing. (not that I stood there for 3 months continually while it grew!)


Today I find myself along with my family being the custodians of a magnificent property, Benton Rise Farm on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.


This little patch of paradise in Tuerong, has been meticulously created by the previous owners from the overgrown paddocks into the glorious farm you see today.


This is a family lifestyle choice we have made, where we know we can bring up our children in a fantastic community, place food on the table that we know the origins of - and enjoy the lifestyle the area provides.


This site contains a wealth of information provided mainly from Chris & Mark, we will add to this over time creating an online library for you to search and use for your own gardening successes. 


One promise we will make to you - is that we won't over complicate, or over technlogicate (yes I know its not a word!). There won't be any fancy big changes, though we will put our own small touch on things here and there. We hope you enjoy it as much as we will!