How to Grow Chilli

Welcome to our Chilli feature page - we have so much information on Chillis we have created their own gallery!!


We have raised all from seed which we will seed save for next year. Some of the plants are for sale, others are for our own personal culinary adventures.

Bare in mind, if you're not a certified chilli fiend, there are plenty of varieties that won't leave your mouth feeling like there's been an explosion and some are included here with plants from the mild to extreme. 



Growing Conditions


Position: Full Sun to partial shade, protected from strong winds


Plant: Can be grown in pots or planted out as seedlings in spring when the soil


Frost Tolerant: No. Heat tolerant:  Yes - but protect from extreme summer heat to prevent sunburn of the fruit


Feeding: Well composted soil, liquid feed weekly when the plants are mature to ensure good fruit development. Require less phosphorous than tomatoes, but like calcium. See general description above.


Planting group: These are both Solanums and are grouped with Capsicum, Eggplant and Tomatoes.


Pests: Main pests are birds/slugs/snails. If you experience higher humidity levels, good plant spacing is essential to ensure air flow and help minimise a number of potential mould problems.


Harvesting: Chillis are brittle plants. Although fruit can be picked by twisting, you are likely to take a branch off the whole plant, so best harvested with scissors or secateurs. Towards the season end, up root the entire plant and hang up to dry in a dry, airy place