Grow it in small spaces

Want to grow a vegetable garden, but don't have much space? 


Then a potted or container garden may be the answer for you. You can grow most of your favorites in pots,limited only by the space you have available. There isn't a lot of difference in requirements to growing in a garden patch or bed in the ground, but there are a few considerations that need to be addressed. 

Firstly, position for a potted vegetable garden, is just as important as it is if you had a large area in a backyard. You still need a reasonable amount of sunlight! If anything, conditions on, say a small apartment balcony, can be more harsh than a backyard, with potential for higher winds and radiant heat from the building. So take care, some extra shading might be necessary. 

Soil Types


The soil you plant your vegetables in is even more important when growing in pots than a traditional garden. Now is not the time to scrimp on quality. Using a cheap potting mix, will only end with poor plant growth and a greater need for fertilising.A selection of potting mix and compost We started with a base of old stable manure, then a mix of a premium grade potting mix and some bagged compost. If possible, select a potting mix that has water saving crystals mixed in. We have chosen some cheap and readily available, larger plastic pots that we already had, but your choice here is endless. With your pots filled, wet the soil with a watering can before planting. Remember the crop rotation rules before you plant your seed or seedlings, not everthing can be grown together. 

Selecting Plants and Planting


When it comes to choosing plants and planting them, refer to the planting guides. Although not all vegetables are really suited to growing in pots, particularly root vegetables, there are varieties that help compromise, for example baby or round carrots. This year we have selected a few different things as a demonstration (we don't normally grow in pots). We're growing beetroot, baby carrots, brussel sprouts, silver beet (aka Swiss Chard), broad beans, parsnip, potatoes, spring onion and shallots (in a hanging basket) . 

Baby carrots here, were planted from seed and can be seen just emerging. These will need thinning out once they are larger to prevent overcrowding in the pot.