Got some dirt? Grow some yourself!

This is where the awesomeness hits the table. We love seeing you at the market to buy our great tasting local produce, we understand getting down to us every week may not be possible - plus we understand the thrill of producing yourself. So in order for you to experience the freshness and great tasting goodness we do every day we have put together a simple step by step process to allow you to grow your own vegies at home (regardless of if you only have a small patio, or rambling acres to use) - the process is the same, just on a different scale.


We encourage you to follow all the steps - though if you are only interested in details about plant selection - please go to this page

Step 1 - Design Your Garden (Plan)



There are a number of factors that should be considered when deciding on the design and location of your new vegetable garden.


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Step 2 - Soil Preparation


Good Soil is the key to success!


Ensuring that you have the best soil possible; healthy, friable and free draining will almost guarantee a healthy and plentiful crop, yet this is one of the most common places people go wrong. It is important to get the soil right before you get all excited and start planting.


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Step 3 - Choose what you want to grow


This page has been set up as a basic list of the different types of vegetable plants that you can grow. Each plant is a link to more information that you need when planting and growing the vegetable/s of your choice. 


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Step 4 - Plant or sow seeds


There are few important points to remember when it comes to sowing seed. The seed needs to be kept moist, but not overly wet and never allowed to dry out. It must be in good contact with the soil. It must be sown in soil at the right temperature and to the right depth. It might seem that there are a lot of factors, but it really is quite easy. 


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Step 5 - Feed the plants


Vegetable fertilising should be approached for two different purposes, each working towards the same goal. Healthy, vigorous and productive plants. This is either fertilising in preparation for planting, or, fertilising maturing plants to improve growth and health. Depending on the plants, different approaches are needed.


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Crop Rotation


Vegetable garden crop rotation is a process where different types of plant groups are grown in different spaces, rotating each season. The purpose is to ensure healthy vigorous vegetable growth and minimise pests and disease.


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