Choosing Vegetables

Welcome to Benton Rise Farm's plant guide. 


This page has been set up as a basic list of the different types of vegetable plants that you can grow. Each plant is a link to more information that you need when planting and growing the vegetable/s of your choice. 

Heirloom Varieties


What are Heirloom Vegetables?


Basically an heirloom vegetable is a true to type plant. Most of the commercially available vegetables, vegetable seeds and seedlings available are hybrid varieties. This means that for whatever reason, they have been cross bred, not always for the best and often resulting in the loss of many of the characteristics of the original variety. 


Heirlooms are varieties of vegetable plants as they orginally were, very old varieties that for whatever reason are no longer widely available or popular. The variety is amazing!


If you'd like to learn about heirloom varieties and where to get them, without all the politics and lecturing, check out the plant page of your choice below. Each will feature a section on heirloom varieties that we have grown. 

If you have a suggestion you would like to know about or a favorite vegetable that isn't listed, feel free to send us your suggestion.

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Select the plant image to on all the information related to 'how to' - there is so much infomation here for you! Select the 'Show More' if you cant find what you are looking for initially, I am sure it will be there! If you can't find the one you are after contact us and we will write one for you!